Soma Lights [video]

There is a wonderfully interesting art installation called Soma at Pier 14, by Flaming Lotus Girls. Soma features interactive LED lights to create a spectacular daytime and nighttime experience. The public is able to interact with Soma’s computer-controlled LED system directly by pushing buttons that activate a simulation of brain activity. The LEDs go on at sunset, every night.

I recorded the video on my Fuji X100s. Music by Santiago Gr from Uruguay



It is amazing how the little thing like leaves on the ground can bring such happiness. Marisa always stops and picks up a couple of leaves and loves to show me what she got.

Trick or Treating



We went out trick or treating with a group of 12 kids, all under the age of 6. So you can imagine the chaos and excitement, it was difficult to get clear shots but I think these two captured the mood pretty well.