Mystery is the theme for day 10 of the Photo 101 course on Blogging University. I took this photo thinking about this quiet spot on the edge of the bay, obviously a clandestine meeting spot. The mystery being what plots and schemes were devised here.



Warmth and natural light is the theme for day 9 of the Photo 101 course on Blogging University. With daylight saving time change, while driving in to work today the sun was still low and shining on the bay; a nice natural light and warmth with the cool of the water.


Natural World

The Natural World is the theme for day 8 of the Photo 101 course on Blogging University. The natural hills give way to the homes in the valley showing nature and man living together. You might even spot two goats on the left edge of the photo, plus dotting the hills in front, nature’s lawn mower.



Big is the theme for day 7 of the Photo 101 course on Blogging University. I’m posting a day late, but a new shot so I think that still counts. For the big theme, I wanted to show how large this hill was by showing the trees at the top being so small. Overall, I think it might be a touch too dark but I still like the mood of it.



Connect is the theme for day 6 of the Photo 101 course on Blogging University. I was struggling to think of an idea for today’s theme, Connect. It wasn’t until I pulled from carrots from the garden for dinner that I thought of our connection with nature and the seasons.

At this time of year in California, on the cusp of spring, the fruit trees start blossoming. The sign of rejuvenation and the start of a new season. So this photo of our apricot tree starting its first blossoms connects us.



Solitude is the theme for day 5 of the Photo 101 course on Blogging University. A busy day and I didn’t have time to shoot a new photo for this theme, so I picked one from my archive. I choose this photo, imagining a lone truck driver would have a great sense of solitude driving through the desert and its emptiness.



Bliss is the theme for day 4 of the Photo 101 course on Blogging University. Each morning I wake up, make a cup of coffee, and go into our guest-room / office to read thew news. My daughters wake up soon after, come in and give me a hug and then read or play quietly for a bit. Before the rush of the day starts, this time in the morning is a small bit of bliss each day.



The theme for day 3 is Water, part of the Photo 101 course on Blogging University. I didn’t have too much for this theme, my initial thought were about our drought and need for water in California. So if I had the time, the ideal photo might be of one of our low reservoirs or dried landscape.

However, since I wasn’t able to capture the above idea. I went with drinking water and the nourishment it gives us.



The theme for Day 2 is Street, part of the Photo 101 course by Blogging University. I live in a quiet town in the suburbs halfway between San Francisco, where I work, and San Jose, where I grew up.

I initially was thinking of taking a more common urban street photo in the city, but to me growing up, the street was where you went out to play. So the suburb streets are just as much the street in my mind. Unfortunately no kids were out playing when I went to take the photo. Do they still do that?



Assignment #1 of the Daily Post Photo 101 course was Home. This photo of my daughters watching TV with their Mom and Grandmother captures the spirit of home for me.

On non-school nights, the girls can watch a couple of shows and which they always look forward to with so much excitement and then silence when it starts. It and is a nice peaceful time sitting with them at the end of the day.


Barn in the Foothills

A farm down in south San Jose, just a few miles from where I grew up. I’m starting a longer photo series on the history of Silicon Valley. A few photos will likely leak out here and there, but my plan is to publish it together as a series once complete.

I gave this farm image a bit more processing and punch then I’ll likely use in my project but I liked it so sharing it here.